kartikchule2016 / sugarcane

Hello hello

kamalamrutha1602 / homeopathy-doctor

This cube will replies with homeopathy remedies

vvvppp303 / algorithms

Contains various algorithms

sakshi.varhadi / fantasy-creatues

Let your imagination run wild and bring mythical creatures to life with our Fantasy Creatures prompt package. Design majestic beasts, legendary beings, and fantastical creatures that inhabit the realms of your imagination.

sanjay040205 / learning-prompt

This is an prompt package to generate AI learning sites upto your requirements.

bwubta21107 / new

Demo package

raykarkaustubh / indian-anime

Anime Images in Indian Environments

utkarshk1069 / conceptual-sketches

Architectural concepts

Krishna-274 / airplanes-roared-as-animals

This cube generates images of aeroplanes in air with different animal skin put on

Krishna-274 / moonnight

this cube generates a portrait of human(girl/boy/couple) watching moon at beach in night.